dimarts, 17 de gener de 2012

Escultures Joies d'argent,Contenidors d'Argent,Silver Sculptures Containing, Esculturas Contenedores de Plata

"Silver Containing" are little silver objects,inspired by the pods of trees from the central African jungle.These pods are a natural method of transport for the seeds by the river's current. The seeds "navigate" slipping across the water until they finally reach the sea. They symbolize fluidity,fecundity and favor this interchange between peoples in a natural way over time.They are recipients,containers and voyagers.
The Mediterranean has been a nexus for the joining together of civilizations, of cultural and economic interchanges. Over the centuries,the routes have been maintained and sailors have crossed the sea in search of new dreams and peoples. East and West are united by the same waters and the same winds.

Exhibition "Artmar"2ª biennal de la Mediterrània.  museu marítim 2007

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